Angelo Theodorou



Work Experience

January 2021 - To Date, The Multiplayer Group (Remote from Granada)

Role: Senior Rendering Engineer

Description: Working on the rendering side of awesome AAA games

Technologies: C++, Direct3D, Vulkan, HLSL, GLSL

Tools: Visual Studio, Perforce, RenderDoc


March 2019 - December 2020, Self Employed (Granada)


  • Worked full-time on nCine, a 2D cross-platform and open source game engine

  • Developed SpookyGhost, a procedural animation tool for sprites made with nCine and ImGui

March 2017 - February 2019, Frostbite (Stockholm)

Role: Rendering Engineer

Description: I have worked in the Image Quality rendering team of the Frostbite engine. Some of my tasks have been:

  • Help with the DirectX 12 RTX integration in the editor

  • Add a way to capture a sequence of screenshots to test temporal effects stabilization

  • Transition textured and frustum lights from deferred/stencil to tiled lighting

  • Add support for newer versions of Visual Studio in the custom Enlighten build system

  • Initial analysis of the integration effort to merge back Bioware’s Anthem Enlighten changes

Technologies: C++, Direct3D, HLSL

Tools: Visual Studio, Perforce, RenderDoc


June 2015 - February 2017, NaturalMotion Ltd. (Oxford)

Role: Android Technology Programmer

Description: I have worked in the Core Game Tech team on the in-house Echo engine used for games like Dawn of Titans and Clumsy Ninja. Some of my tasks have been:

  • Initial porting of the engine from OpenGL to Vulkan

  • Rewrite the API for atomic operations on all supported platforms

  • Refactor the ARM NEON intrinsics code for vector and matrix operations with unit tests

  • Help with the transition from Android Lollipop to Marshmallow

I have also worked with the CSR2 team to migrate their building process from Ant to Gradle.

Technologies: C++, Java, OpenGL ES, GLSL, Vulkan, Android API

Tools: Visual Studio, Subversion, git


December 2012 - June 2015, ARM Ltd. (Cambridge)

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Description: I have worked in the Middleware Graphics team in Mali Ecosystem for the Media Processing Group (MPG) to help game companies achieve the best on Mali GPUs.
My role has been a combination of graphics and game programming, technical support to game middleware companies, presentations at events worldwide and real-time applications profiling and optimization:

  • I have worked on Unreal Engine 4 to help porting it to ARM 64-bit

  • I have written the codebase for a Unity demo revealed at Unite 2014

  • I have presented sponsored sessions at GDC, Unite and Gamelab Barcelona

  • I have assisted companies like Frostbite, Epic Games, Unity and Gameloft with the ARM and Mali tools

Technologies: C++, C♯, Python, OpenGL ES, GLSL

Tools: Visual Studio, Qt Creator, CMake, git, Unity


Jun 2010 - November 2012, SpinVector (Benevento)

Role: Programmer

Description: I have worked as a game programmer and a multi-platform GUI programmer.

  • For the game From Cheese (MobyGames) I have worked as an Android programmer (UI and SPen support) and as an additional Unity programmer.

  • For the game AXL: Full Boost (MobyGames) I have worked on the iPhone user interface.

  • For Bang!: The Official Videogame (MobyGames) I have worked on the native GUI for multiple platforms and on additional gameplay programming.

Technologies: C++, Qt4, Objective C, UiKit, Java, Android API

Tools: Visual Studio, Xcode, Qt Creator, qmake, Eclipse, Subversion, Unity


Nov 2008 - Jun 2009, Raylight (Napoli)

Role: Intern programmer

Description: During my pre-graduation internship I have worked as a programmer for Raylight, an Italian multi-platform videogame software house. I have conducted a research to simulate in real-time graphics effects like bloom and rim lighting on platforms without shaders.

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, GLSL, libSDL

Tools: Visual Studio, Subversion, Blender, LaTeX


Personal Projects

2011 - To Date

nCine:, a cross-platform 2D game engine


Pacstats:, statistical charts generator for Arch Linux pacman activity

2005 - 2010

OpenGL demos:, experiments about SSAO, parallax mapping, DoF, deferred shading, HDR, toon shading, water rendering and stencil shadows

2006 - 2007

GL O.B.S.:, GL Open Benchmark Suite

2004 - 2007

Mars: Land of No Mercy:, a turn based strategy game featuring isometric graphics


C++, GFLW, SDL2, Lua, ImGui, Python, PyGTK, pysqlite, matplotlib


git, CMake, Cppcheck, Doxygen, Valgrind, Google Test, Google Benchmark, RenderDoc, Apitrace


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the "Federico II" University of Naples with final mark 110/110 cum laude (highest mark with honours)